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That figure that you present rebirth from the ashes.
I tried to sell it, but for months, no one showed the slightest interest in it. Then decided to reformulate it and bring it back to my shelves.

That figure had been mounted with Kitt's TS - Mike Force III. But it was never nice to me, because I used the best parts of the kit to mount the Snake of the game Metal Gear Solid-Snake Eater.

When I started up my pictures from Vietnam, decided include it in the package and recast it

Look at the before and after

If you look, I did not much in the figure.

The work started by paint the sculpture. I used a technique of wash, with acrylic paint OD well diluted. Once dried, I added the part of black camouflage using cajal (item of maquilagem to paint eyes). The same technique used on the hands, which replaced the gloves.
In most was just using the little bit of creativity and talent acquired with the technique of Chalk Pastel. This is the desired effect was a dirt more drawn to the clay. As finishing touch, applied a thin layer of varnish.
Besides the paint, customization of the body, exchange of gloves by bare hands and cooling, the items were added the figure, bandana, backpack, belt, another canteen, flashlight and another mag pouch.


Corpo bbi G3 customizado
Uniform Tiger Stripe, Harness, Bandana, Backpack and Mag Pouch, Frag Grenades and Canteen TS

Boots, Survival Knive, Flashlight and Belt Dragon

Pistol, Coronha and Holster Hot Toys

AK-47 DID.

Friends here ends my series of Figures from Vietnam.

Look here my SEALs together.

1 - 20 of 35 Posts
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