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Finally finished my Vietnam load out, Ive got everything I need for the 2 hour or so games we play here. I have a pair of jungle boots, but Im waiting for my Altama boots to be completely worn out before I start using those.
I just went for the basic Vietnam era US Army grunt here
(Im also looking into getting a bayonet, just for looks)

Load out
2 M1956 pouches
M1 helmet with cover
OD fatigues (Only complaint with these is that the pants are EXTREMELY baggy, ... you'll see in one of the pictures)
M1956 harness and belt
M1956 buttpack
M1956 compass pouch (Holds my cell phone lol)
M1956 canteen cover (I have an modern cover as well till I find another 60's 1)
M1911 holster
Classic Army M16A1 with upgraded internals
Caspian blowback M1911

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