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Nam army Sergeant

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Had an idea for this bash after watching platoon. Not bashing any characters in particular, just a fusion of what i have seen from the movie. gotta say though, that headsculpt reminds me a little bit of "Rhah." Criticisms are most welcomed

loved the shot from SpecFigures, had to do my own:clap

quick noob question to a any veterans of weather, i was thinking of weathering the uniform and gear by just putting them in the mud for a coupla hrs, would this work?
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wow he looks really good, platoon's my favorite vietnam movie and I get most of my inspirationfor bashes from it also. Some weathering would be good, when I was into WW1 figures I took a photoset of them out in the mud (lots of picks of them prone/kneeling in the mud and what not) so natural weathering does work, how ever youll have to rub the sand from the mud off after it drys or it'll get messy....Ive just recently (last week) started using paints for weathering and its allot neater but a more perminant result
Yeah, I'd go paints for weathering or pastel chalks. Also, consider this: Boil some water, turn off water. Put 2 tea bags in and let it soak for a couple minutes, then place your uniform in there. check it after a couple minutes because it will get darker/dirtier. Put the uniform back on your figure while it is still wet. This will allow you to drape it on your figure better, for a more natural look. After it dries, do the paint thing, especially where it would be logical to get dirt, like knees, butt, elbows, etc.

Just an idea and I hope that helps.

Looks likes some very fine work there!

All you need to do is tuck those laces in! A good soldier knows to never has his laces out hanging out like that.
Very Cool! Love the HS and the equipment layout.
The downside with mud is it tends to flake off on everything. Paint or pastels also have the advantage of locating the weathering exactly where you want it to be. I think if you wish to try it out, test on a small piece to see how it turns out or try a light application.
Think he looks really solid. Little bit of weathering and no doubt need to tuck those laces to avoid getting em caught in wait-a-minute vines. Nicely done.
Your NCO looks pretty nice Mifune, I like him like he is, but I'm sure he will look loads better after a nice weathering session. Be sure to practice on scraps you don't want first and take it slow. Look forward to it, and btw I like that last pose the best, very nice.
I think he looks great but maybe some 'dirt' would do him good.. otherwise, i think hi great :thumb
You have all the essential gear a typical NAM grunt will have and so, a good kitbash definitely.
Do you have a pistol holster with him on his right hip? In general, only a "PIG" gunner (and officer) carry pistol and leatherworks be in black. But in NAM, you know anything can happen. So possibility can be there that a normal trooper can carry a pistol. I'll let the expert put in further comments if there is :)
Looks great! Love that last pic and great choice of hs, one of my fav ones from dml.
Nice figure,
if I were you I would replace the carbine for a regular M-16A since they were more common and used by regular troops.
you may also want to try to get an old 21st century toys nam infantry carded set becuase that nylon looking thing around the helmet was usually a cut up innertube (or some sort of rubber) put around the helmet and their carded set comes with it so you wont have to go make one and like the others said add some weathering and this figure will be great!
Great looking bash for sure!!
I think he looks pretty darn good. I really like those OD tropical BDU's.

- Ian
Nice Nam bash!
looks great, i disagree with 75th ranger, as I've seen plenty of pics of grunt NCOs and officers with carbines. you gotta figure guys on their second and third tours are gonna have some interesting stuff with them in the bush. maybe give him a knife? other than that, looks great.
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