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This is my 7th Cav Regiment - Radioman - Taylor.

Tecnical sheet:

Body DID customized

Uniform, t-shirt, Helnet, Death Card, Belt, Harness, Mag Pouch, First Aid pouch and Buttpack Toy Soldier

Boots RPP (Ronaldo - Brazillian costumer)

Watch, Radio, Dogtags, Baionet and shovel Dragon

M16 1/6 Scale Gun Collection
Canteen, Smoke grenades and Ring b

I made a slight weahtering done using chalk pastel dried, mixed with water. The uniform had the trim adjusted with fixation of hair and used to fix a light coat of matte varnish.

I hope you enjoy the figure.

wave man TDY staff
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I love ACE (the amount of my money they have confirms that), but the uniform jacket here is what I think has eluded ACE so far.

A great job, [email protected] I didn't realize how long back that was at first.
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