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Another year come and gone, and my second WOH behing me, one thing is for certain (insert your best Arnie voice here) - "I'll be bach".

Mere words can't really describe the experience, but I have to try.

Day 1 - The Insertion
Hollowpoint (HP) and I are up at the crack of dawn to head to the airport for the trip down to LA. We arrive in LA at about 10am. Grab the rental. Drive to get Sawgunner (who arrived later than us at a different airport). Go pick up essential supplies for the show - water, soda beer, and a cooler to put it all in. You would not believe how hard it is to find a disposable cooler ... or ... spot a giant red brick store with a red bullseye on the side of it even when you're idling by the curb right under it! OK, it's 3pm by the time we have everything so it's off to the convention center to help set up the OSW booth. Crap! We forgot the beef jerky! Finally the HOOTERS PARTY. What can I say that hasn't been said before? Nan and Tung never cease to go far above and beyond the call of what it means to care about your clients / friends in the 1/6th community. And it IS a community. (Go see the pics and Stinny's uncannily accurate inside scoop in one of the other posts for what happened.)

Day 2 - Charge! (Actually, cash in most places ...)
The bags under the eyes are already starting. I slept like CRAP because SAWGUNNER AND HP KEPT WAKING ME UP TO COMPLAIN ABOUT MY SNORING! After a big breakfast for fuel it's off to the show. We set up our figures in the Modern Desert Dio, decide who gets first watch at the booth while the rest of us go load up on 1/6th loot. I must say I much preferred the venue this year. Where last year's venue was a bit too big and made things seem small this year's venue was just the right size. All the dealers were close together and the airsoft was mixed in with the 1/6th (instead of off by itself) so the 2 hobby groups got to mingle. Hats off to John Lu for putting on a tremendous event! And yet, despite all the chaos and all the details that had to be looked after, he came over to the booth a couple of times to visit and genuinely enjoyed himself. He chatted at length with us about how much he eas really enjoying the new locale and its community. There were no exclusives there but I didn't care. It's really about getting the chance to see friends in person as well as some of the dealers that have taken care of us over the years.

Day 3 - Once more into the breach!
I slept MUCH better. Sawgunner and HP wore earphones and slept with their IPODs on so I could sleep without being woken up. Oh yeah, did I mention Crowinghorse slept just fine through last night and 2 nights ago? My kind of room-mate. He sleeps like the dead! He also brought a carload of SWAG WHICH WE GLADLY GAVE AWAY throughout the weekend. I spent more of my time helping to man the booth and just hanging out with the OSW gang since I had already found my wish list on Saturday.

Day 4 - Going Home
Sigh. One last morning of trash talk and hopeful plans for next year, and then back to the frozen north.

High Points of the Weekend
1) The little girl (about 9 yrs old) who kept hovering around the OSW booth waiting in agony (but ever so polite) for the next prize draw before she had to leave with her mom and who literally trembled with excitement when we handed her a Star Wars figure and told her she'd won. If ever there was a Santa I know how he felt.

2) Sawgunner telling me the same little girl came back a couple of minutes later to thank us again and asked that we discard her name if we drew it (ahem - I mean again - hehe) because she'd already won.

3) Meeting my fellow OSW friends - old and new.


5) The trash talk.

6) The Echo Base Toys After the Show Get together.

7) Crowinghorse wrapped up in that blanket sleeping under the AC in the hotel room with only his face showing and looking like a scruffy Teletubby.

Edit Note: I can't believe to missed this one! Last but not least ... getting to meet Alan from Toy Soldier. This man REALLY cares about the hobby and his product, and is never too busy to chat it up with fellow hobbyists. It was an absolute pleasure to meet him again and speak to him throuighout the weekend. He could fill a book with his tips and tricks on how to get that little extra detail that brings a figure to life as well as the huge challenges of getting a product fdrom mind to market.

1) Driving around in 110 degree heat with the windows rolled down so HP could look Californian in our rental Liberty. Dude, it had AC! :eek:D

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Hey, kudos to all you OSW'ers who made that little girl's weekend. You paid it forward, and that kindness will grow.

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My experience

I was in the room next to you and came by to bum some water.

For those of you not there... You had to be there. I didn't meet an OSWer I didn't like.

Some hints for those of you that can't sleep through snoring...

1. Stay up later, you aren't tired enough.

2. Do a long tour in the Army (11B or other combat arms) or Marines. You learn to sleep through anything (see #1).

3. Particpiate in any counter interogation course (SERE). They will teach you top secret skills designed to defeat mind numbing hard metal played at full volume (and aggresive snoring). (Again see #1)
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