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the first few are WIPS

but I didn't like the uni

I wanted something military, but not a jumpsuit, so I ended up with green hasrbo pants and I ain't sure black bdu shirt, and hasbro Cobra Commander boots, on a SA Joe body

the kit is
  • bbi carlos m6 shoulder rig
  • random black web belt
  • 21st century DE.50 in a dmi drop rig
  • hasbro katana
  • back up peice is a dmi .45 in a dmi M Chan holster
  • and a 21 st century ranger knife in the boot
  • SST cane
this clearly not SST, but it is mine, and more importantly, I already had all the stuff!



Mandoll withdrawl
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Heh, hard to miss a guy with a blue and red scarf on his head ;) Nice spin on CC, I like it. I also like the pic of him sitting in his chair, a sort of prelude to his throne at the head of his empire.
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