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my vision of Cobra Commander

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the first few are WIPS

but I didn't like the uni

I wanted something military, but not a jumpsuit, so I ended up with green hasrbo pants and I ain't sure black bdu shirt, and hasbro Cobra Commander boots, on a SA Joe body

the kit is
  • bbi carlos m6 shoulder rig
  • random black web belt
  • 21st century DE.50 in a dmi drop rig
  • hasbro katana
  • back up peice is a dmi .45 in a dmi M Chan holster
  • and a 21 st century ranger knife in the boot
  • SST cane
this clearly not SST, but it is mine, and more importantly, I already had all the stuff!



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Looks good. Kind of reminds me of some of the scenes in the comics when CC is traveling throught the U.S. incognito, and dons the civie gear.
Heh, hard to miss a guy with a blue and red scarf on his head ;) Nice spin on CC, I like it. I also like the pic of him sitting in his chair, a sort of prelude to his throne at the head of his empire.
I like him a lot. I also think the cane is a great touch.

I am working on my own version of Rock n' Roll.
thanks for the flowers! I am limiting myself to what is in the tub for bashes...until my next order comes in
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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