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Feliz año 2008 a todos.
Después del ajetreo de estas fiestas navideñas y tener mas tiempo libre, aquí os pongo mi primer trabajo del 2008

Happy year 2008 to all.
After the bustle of these Christmas holidays and to have mas free time, here I you put my first work of 2008.

Poco os puedo decir que no sepáis de la figura, lo único ha sido ensuciar un poquito y hacerle una peana.
Algo he mejorado en las fotos :ride:

Espero os guste

Little I can say to you that you should not know about the figure, the only thing has been to mess itself a bit and to do to him a base.
I have improved something in the photos :ride:

I hope that you should like


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I just picked this figure up on Ebay and your post makes me look forward to even more. How he's leaning on that weapon makes me cringe though!!!

Rule #2: Never point your weapon at anything you're not willing to destroy!!

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