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I don't collect only 1:6 figures. I also collect autographed personalized photos of burlesque/cosplay/glamour/pin-up models as well. This side hobby started years ago when I actively attended comic book and pop culture conventions. I tend to focus on glamour models and former Playboy Playmates from the 60s, 70s, and 80s who attend such shows.

I treated myself to a simple pleasure Christmas gift by obtaining an autographed Christmas photo Candi LeCoeur. She is a burlesque artist/performer in the Atlanta, GA area and known in the burlesque performance revue circuit. She also knows a couple of fellow GI JOE collectors who are my friends. She was gracious enough to print a specific photo I really liked and she autographed it along with a kiss and included a Christmas card as well.

I'll be getting the photo framed soon.

Believe it or not . . . I do have other hobbies/interests as well.

OH . . . and it appears my 1:6 assistant is quite smitten with Candi LeCoeur.


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