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My review about military & historic 1/6 hobby

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Hi all!

As I said in a previous thread, I've been writing an article related to military & historic 12'' action figures for the gazette we publish at my work. I couldn't directly upload the PDF of this article here - due to its size I guess - so I've used Yousendit service to host it. Here is the link to it :

This article is aimed first to French readers who are English learners. That's why for example I've put links to French websites or books about 1/6 hobby. This current version may not be the final one that would be publish though. I've sent it to my editor and we will see about the final version when I come back to work on Monday. Indeed I may have to make some modifications regarding the whole content of the next issue of the paper before the final print. Anyway, I will then upload the final version here when it is done.

Have a good reading!
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Tony Barton said:
Got it now : good article , by the way : an excellent summary .
I'm glad you've finally got it and you like it :) It wasn't easy to be sharp and short at the same time : an article isn't a book so I had to make an overview and in the same time I had to give as much information aspossible. Unfortunately I wish I could give more and more details about many things like accessories or kitbash techniques for instance, but at least I think I've put the essential. Anyway the goal was to make people discover this hobby and if they want more info they can thenuse the links I gave. It required a long time, more than I expected, to write this review. But it was worth it!

Thanks again Tony for permission to use pics of your figures :thumb
The Saint said:
Ditto what Tony said. I think you have well presented the different aspects of the hobby.
Well done, Pascal !
Thank you very much :)
Thank you all for your comments. I'm glad you like it :)
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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