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All three have received upgrades since they were last posted, the most intensive being Saizo, his whole outfit was basically redone, Karasu and Arashikage both received new bodies and some new gear as well...


Saizo reborn, new gear, here's a breakdown...

Mask, Shinboi Shizoku top and bottom and chainmail undershirt: Ignite
Leather top and shin guards: Triad Toys
Scarf: Hot Toys
Waist Pouch: TAO
Caltrops (in pouch): Ignite
Shuriken (in pouch): TAO
Oversized Shuriken: Boforod Blade of The Immortal
Kote armored sleeves: IronCrossHunter
Waraji sandals and ornament chain: TAO
Ninja-To: Boford Mononofu (Iga Ninja-To)
Sword Guard: Boford Mononofu (Dotanuki)
Head: DiD Date Masamune
Body: Barrack Sergeant
Hands: Soldier Story w/Barrack Sergeant wrist pegs

A few modifications have been done to all the pieces, Ignite's Shinboi Shizoku was washed slightly to fade it a bit and get rid of the sheen, the armored Kote sleeves from IronCrossHunter were originally brown, dyed them in a diluted black acrylic paint/ink mixture and the metal sections of the guards on his forearms and wrists were also redone and repainted with black and sprayed with Dullocte to dull it down and given a drybrush of Boltgun Metal to weather it.

The scarf came from the stuffing for a Hot Toys pouch or bag, or some such ****, the head received a slight repaint to blacken the eyebrows and detail it a bit more, and I inserted Barrack Sergeant wrist pegs into the Soldier Story bendy hands because frankly Soldier Story can suck on my dick for their fragile ass plastics, all they do good is bendy hands and gear. Off topic, anyway, the Ninja-To also received a slight modification, the sling came from Ignite's Ninja-To and I gave it a sword guard from a different Mononofu sword, that's bout it, comments are always welcome...


TAO's "Ninja Petite" was great for it's time, and in terms of outfits TAO still has one of the best, only thing is their bodies suck, so I swapped out the body for a BBI Perfect body, everything's stock except for the weapons, the sickle and sword are Anotsu Kagehisa's weapon's from the Blade of The Immortal weapon sets by Boford, and the Kusarigami came from Ignite, like I said it's all pretty much a straight forward bash, only paintwork that I really did here was to repaint the scabbard for the sword which was originally green, so here's a quick breakdown...

Body: BBI
Shinobi Shizoku, net undershirt and underpants: TAO
Mask: TAO
Hand Claws: TAO
Sword & sickle: Boford Blade of The Immortal
Kusarigami: Ignite

My first 1/6 figure, TAO's "Portrait of Power" camo Ninja, I always thought he looked cool, but his original body wasn't all that great, he had these real skinny girly arms that didn't fit a professional killer very well at all. So fast forward to many years later and he now has one of those nifty new MK1 bodies by A.C.E. and a Soldier Story headsculpt, he also now has a new sword, dagger and compound bow set as well. As far as modifications go, besides all of the above I had to give him a sageo since I took the original one for Saizo's sling, the sageo he has on his sword know came from a 21st Century's shoulder sling, just cut it to size and tied it around the scabbard and there you have it, breakdown is as follows...

Body: A.C.E.
Head: Soldier Story
Shinobi Shizoku, sterling silver face mask, Kusarigami, wrist and shin guards, netting undershirt, spandex underpants and hands:
Tabi boots, Ninja-To, and Tanto dagger: Ignite
Sageo: 21st Century Toys
Compound Bow, Arrows, and Quiver: Hot Toys

Quick note too, the name Arashikage translates into Storm Shadow! I always thought this guy had a Storm Shadow look to him, and one of Storm Shadow's signature weapons is indeed a compound bow, so I guess this would be my take on him...

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Nice bunch of figures. I always liked the Portrait of power figure, but TAo's reputation kept me from buying from them. That Masamune 'sculpt is among my favorites, and Iron Pig is a wizard w/ninjas. Nice additions and mods.

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whats the backstory on that dudes mia eyeball?
Lost his eye to illness as a child, considered a weakling at an early age and had to kill himself to the top to earn respect amongst his peers ended up becoming the most lethal of his clan he eventually took his spot as leader. Heh, or something like that, thanks for the comments everyone, I have a few more clan members in the works as well...
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