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My new display case

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I bought a new display case for my new apartment. No more dusty bookshelves for my custom figures. It's small (my wife wouldn't let me buy the bigger one) so i'll have to rotate my "showcases". I decided to start with an all-LOTR display. I installed a low heat fluorescent light.
All figures are custom made except for the SS Legolas, Aragorn, and Boromir, as well as the toybiz gimli.
Here it is:

Top Shelf: Warriors of Rohan

2nd shelf: Knights of Numenor

3rd shelf: Elves and a dwarf

bottom: Evil Nasties
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Nice to see your awesome bashes are now in display. Always love seeing your home made armor (made from X-ray films). What about the 1/6th female figs you have modified into awsome looking lady warriors (barbarians?) with no visible doll joints? Aren't you going to put those masterpieces on display too? BTW, nice display case Doc.

Cool display! Did you say there was a bigger display cabinet? Where can I get one? (I'm in Manila too.) Tired of dusty figures on bookshelves...

Nice looking display cabinet,I've been looking at them, but I would need several.Still waiting.But nice display!!!
Sons of Gondor, of Rohan, my brothers!
I see in your eyes...
The same fear that would take the heart of me.
A day may come when the courage of men fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship,
But not this day.
An hour of wolves and shattered shields when the age of men comes crashing down,
But it is not this day!
This day we fight!
By all that you hold dear on this good earth, I bid you stand, men of the West!
I have the same Ikea case... Except I bought the round Lamps....
Wow nice display case, also the best LOTR collection I have ever seen!!!

Yep, thats the IKea case I think they made that thing for collectors.
Nice display case, it really highlights your collection well.
This is probably by far the definitive 1/6 LOTR collection out there, though I think your customs make the factory stuff look bad. Cool works Jimmiroquai :)
I bought one a year or so ago,and have not even put it together.It's going to have my GB CQB team in it when I get around to putting it together.
Man, those are some cool figures... Nice case too :thumb
i have the same one from ikea ahah except i ended up buying the podlight for the center top, i think it was likw 10 bucks or something.
Great looking display!
Kumusta Ka Pare! That is some nice collection you have there. It's always nice to have something on display right? I think you started off with the right stuff to show as well.


One Shot out!
(Dad is also originally from Manila)
Thanks, guys! Yeah my femfigs (or the BustyBabes as my wife calls them) are in storage for the mean time. I'll put them up next month, maybe. :) If you're in manila, you can get these at SM Megamall Dept store. Yeah, its the ikea case. I tried using the puck light but the xenon one i bought wasn't as bright and halogens are too hot. I'm considering putting another light at the bottom.
Hi Jim,

I've used the ikea cases before. One thing to note if manila is as humid as singapore is the mould that tends to grow on the ikea wood.

Was told that the mould grows because the wood is untreated and a coating of vanish should solve the problem.

I myself have not gotten to vanish it yet but mould does grow if not for my moisture absorbers that i put in the case.

Oh and yes, great customs! :jawdrop
tnaig001: Thanks for the great tip! By moisture absorbers do you mean those silica gel packets? will those do?
Ganda Ganda!!! Ayos parekoy! love the figures in the case, i too have one, but its not as "custom" cool as yours:D Disco ball/lights inside the case? No? lol, anyways, ingat lang dyan sa mga Manila Pen coup d'etat :rolling
jimmiroquai said:
tnaig001: Thanks for the great tip! By moisture absorbers do you mean those silica gel packets? will those do?
I was told they work but i'm current using something called "hungry hippo". Best thing will be to varnish the wood. I've put that in my to do list :p
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