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I recently dug out my old Kerberos helmet sculpt mold from roughly a decade ago and in casting copies I saw just how bad it is (it's one of my earliest sculpts so terrible) and I got so frustrated with the poor job that I dug out the original clay master and re-sculpted it. I decided to mold the half done new version before adding the holes on the side so I can use the smooth sculpt for gerneral purposes before re-sculpting one of the castings to create the proper Kerberos Panzer Cops helmet.

7 by kraggy2011, on Flickr

8 by kraggy2011, on Flickr

9 by kraggy2011, on Flickr

9b by kraggy2011, on Flickr

9c by kraggy2011, on Flickr

2 by kraggy2011, on Flickr

1 by kraggy2011, on Flickr

5 by kraggy2011, on Flickr

6 by kraggy2011, on Flickr

3 by kraggy2011, on Flickr

4 by kraggy2011, on Flickr

The photos are of raw unpainted castings of both sculpts (black plastic) to really give an idea of the difference. The new version is not perfect by any means but compared to my old sculpt it is miles better.

I think I will clean up the old sculpt casting and get it looking good without altering the general shape so that I can have a usable almost comic-like helmet (it has sentimental value so I still want to use it, just not in current condition).

The final new version with the five holes is in progress and I plan to make the front sniper shield for the helmet too. In fact, I will probably re-do all of my old 'Rainy Dogs' Kerberos armour sculpts and get them looking a little less amateur-ish before making the final castings for figures. I just need time and motivation to keep working on all the tedious parts (it is easy to procrastinate nowadays).
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