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Hello everyone,

Havent posted in awhile but finished my modifications on my littlebird. I added a whole new instrument panel, seat harnesses, gatling guns, completely took apart and reassembled the rocket pods and modified the rotor. I am still waiting on the collective and changing out the control handles. Thanks for looking 🤗🤗 Automotive lighting Automotive design Bumper Automotive exterior Headlamp
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Very tasteful upgrades. :thumb You've made it look like a real one is supposed to be this way. Well done on the straps, cables and paint highlights. I really like the rocket warheads in the pods, and the wiring harnesses out to the guns and pods. Pretty awesome, thanks for sharing.

I have a ton of actual Little Bird reference pictures, and different models, and I haven't seen one like this yet, but I like how you kept it looking like a proper Little Bird. The instrument panel is more like an OH-6 or MD-500 (out of the Police or Rescue version?) The closest military version that would have it is the Israeli MD-500 Defender with the TOW missiles. Next closest would be the AH-6M MELB with the glass cockpit, but that is a completely different instrument package.

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Beautimous modifications, Jwoo1, 21C's great helo done up proper. The busy cabin and lethal weapons package are outstanding.

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Excellent work!! I love all your upgrades. What a difference those straps make to the cockpit seat. Looks 1:1. I have one of these mostly finished but the project got stalled. This inspires me to get back to it. :)

Quick question: where did you get the fire extinguisher? It's a beauty.

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you have a list on where you bought or made all the upgrades? like the control panel, fire extinguisher ect?
Here you go:

PATCHES OF PRIDE - 1/6th scale Littlebird Helicopter Decal Sets
PATCHES OF PRIDE - 1/6th scale Littlebird Helicopter Cockpit Converison Kit
PATCHES OF PRIDE - 1/6th scale Littlebird Helicopter Instrument Panel Decals

I got the sets but have yet to find time to upgrade my Little Bird. This thread has inspired me to get off my ass and do the same =D
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