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It's funny, but ive been buying DML nudes for my customs for so long but ive never really appreciate the great detail of their stuff. As a wedding gift, my wife bought me a boxed DML US Army WWII soldier, the one with the trenchcoat? (see, i'm not familiar with the names yet). My first intinct was that i had a new body to customize into something else! But when i opened the box. Wow. I loved the figure. After playing Call of Duty on the PC, i got inspired. So here's my first weathering attempt.

M1garand rifle: I sanded the "wooden" parts making sure to sand more where the hands grip the rifle. At these points, the black of the original plastic began to show through (just like in the vintage M1's we used during our Army Reserves training back in college). I then lightly dry brushed gun metal on the metal parts. Then went over the thing with brown ink, which i wiped off, leaving the ink in the recessed areas. i put more brown ink on the metal rifle parts to simulate oil.

Uniform: Snow! First i dirtied up his uniform with some black ink. then i sprinkled baby powder on him, concentrating on his helmet, shoulders, boots, and cartridge pouches, then i sealed it in with dull coat. Baby poweder again while the dullcoat was wet, then dullcoat agen. I did this for around 34 cycles to really seal in layers of "snow".

So here he is! Additional tips would be helpful.

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