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My first HT military fig: Mountain Ops Sniper (ACU) **Updated - Outdoor pics**

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Hi all! :)

I'm back with my second HT figure (technically, my first HT military figure, since my first HT figure was AWE Jack Sparrow). Here are some pics. Apologies for the bad pics! I'm trying to fix him up. Will post more pics once I get him all geared up. ;)

Initially, I'd wanted to get the PCU version (which I totally love!), but because of some kit bashing plans I have on hand at the moment (and the ACU version is really what I need for my bash), I decided to get the ACU version. I really like the rucksack that comes with both versions, too. :) It's so cool! I am also hoping to get a drag bag soon.

The good thing is, another member of OSW has so graciously agreed to collaborate with me (and he already has the PCU version). So we can pool our stuff together and form a bank.

Having said that, I'm still super new, so I've lots to learn from you guys!

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NICE! I have the PCU myself. Like you I have plans for my figure. I was torn between the PCU and ACU, I really wanted the gaiters that the ACU comes with.

p.s. Good Stuff To Go had both the PCU and ACU loose last week.
Cool Isis! Looking forward to seeing your bash! Have fun and enjoy putting it together :thumb
Yeah i need to get this guy,he looks cool.
Thanks guys! :)

I'm about halfway through now... I've fixed the main stuff on him - I'd have to do the details slowly lol learning as I go along ;)

Some work in progress pics......

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Way hey hey!!! Isis with an HT ACU Kit, amazing!!!
Indeed, ACU or PCU, hard to choose, luckily, we can get a lotta loose in HK, can always buy a set and get the loose parts of the other set, I have HSs of both.
Ruby would be overjoyed to see ya pics and your latest bash!!! We both do!!!
Happy Collaborating, it is always 10X the fun to collaborate!!!
You know, I been in this hobby for about 7 years plus, and I have yet to get a HT figure at the regular retail price. And you have 2! I'm pretty envious in that aspect! :lol Great choice for your 2nd figure btw, as I think that the mountain ops equipment that comes with it makes this figure worth getting. :)
Thanks Calvin! I've seen some of your (and Ruby's) pics and I think it's really cool that the both of you share the same hobby. :) It's quite rare to see girls here!

LOL thanks Yujin, I guess I'm just really lucky to find this (and Jack Sparrow) at (very very slightly) discounted prices. I saw the PCU going for a much lower price elsewhere, but I didn't get it because I needed the ACU more for my upcoming bash. :D Initially, I'd wanted to just get the loose parts to build up the bash, but, as you know, after adding everything up, getting a box set still beats sourcing for loose parts (in terms of time and cost). :)

hey great fig to pick out i got mine yesterday to i still got to put it together that is the joy for me orale de sandiego califas
Initially, I'd wanted to just get the loose parts to build up the bash, but, as you know, after adding everything up, getting a box set still beats sourcing for loose parts (in terms of time and cost). :)
It definitely makes more sense getting a complete box. I have done what you nearly did before. It was cheaper to just get the figure (and this happened about twice. :bag) Anyhow, have fun with it, and I look forward to seeing your first kitbash (did I miss it to begin with?) :cheers
Wow Isis, it is rear to see women working with military figures. You go girl! You know, we all are going to be watching how you bash the military figure.

I have not purchased the HT Mountain Ops figure yet, well at lease not in the box. I figured I have purchased enough loose gear from both sets to make two figures and all from HK. I terms of cost, I would have been better off just buying several box sets. However, have the fun is the hunt (LOL)!

BTW, I found some cool pictures of Army guys wearing the Level 7 ACU ECWS.
You start military and you will be in trouble :) There are just so much fun stuff in that genre!
isis said:
... but, as you know, after adding everything up, getting a box set still beats sourcing for loose parts (in terms of time and cost).
Something that took me years to realise is deduced by you in such short time. Good mathematics :)
Out of curiousity, the way you took pictures of your 1:6 is not quite usual, being you have to be featured inside each picture :lol You ask someone else to take pictures for you while you fiddled with the 1:6 gear? :lol Pardon me for my kaypoh-ness :p
Yup, most of the new comers into this hobby started out with Hot Toys stuffs. I don't deny they are just exquisite in details and definitely the right brand to start off with. No time is a better time than now to come into this hobby (other than the price of figures keep going up up and away).
Enjoy while you can and will be waiting to see your kitbash soon!
Hey that's cool. I'm collecting my PCU version today as well :)
Bash it up.....bash it up(chanting....!!!) hehehe
I think I saw u that day when u were shopping for hot toys figure with yr friend at TFH.
So this is the figure you bought? not a bad choice.

Good luck & have fun with your bash.
Thanks azteca! :) Have fun putting yours together!

Nope Yujin, I'm still working on my first kitbash. After setting ACU up, I'll concentrate more on my bash. Will definitely post pics when I'm done. :)

Hi SMALL STUFF! Cool, care to share the pics? :)

Yeah Ray - there's so much stuff to explore... :) and something in Spec Figures 3 caught my attention so I'm planning on kitbashing that (after my upcoming kitbash)... but I figure the parts are gonna be tough to procure so I'm just gonna keep looking.

Hi Porkins73... Haha... cuz the set-up was still in progress, so I didn't want to take any full shots of the fig yet. :) My 1/6 partner takes random shots of me all the time.

Hi nivek, congrats on your PCU! Have fun. :)

Thanks Kenneth - I'm done bashing him up now. :D check out the pics below

Rider-JuN - were you the one in white? I was at TFH on Monday to pick up my ACU, and I was there again on Wednesday (my friend wanted to pick up his RE fig). You saw me on Wednesday, right?

Dear all, I've fixed him up already! So here are some pics to share. I brought him outside. Pardon the bad pics...... this is my first time taking pics of a fully done up 1/6 fig. :) I hope to do better the next time round.

Here's one of me & the fig :)

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haha Yeah that was me in white.

Your outdoor pics are nice!
Nice, I like the outdoor pictures, they made me laugh a little because he's so "anti- blend-in" :p Not your fault though, great pictures and despite that he's still a cool figure. Have fun~
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