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my first 1/6

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Hey all, just got into this 1/6 stuff. Basically I bought the very hot toys navy seals close quarters set and used a DiD nude figure(got it for cheap). However there are some problems, even though I love the look of this, the belt that held the holster and the pants for the figure was missing, also the headgear scope (whatever its called) falls off real easy, i can literally blow on it and it will fall off. But my real question is, from this picture do you have any tips on how I can make it look better ? For example I want realistic looking poses but as much as I try I can never accomplish that.

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Great stuff man thats a nice set you baught there, to make it better try and find a hot toys body the uniform will fit better :D
I think it looks pretty solid. I would definitely tuck those laces in and snip/secure those loose straps.
posing can be a real problem, especially with a DID body. They just can't look down, no matter what you do and their shoulder range of motion is not so great.

But for a casual basher, and a first time, it sure looks good. Maybe try to emulate some of the poses on the box. Some of them look very cool. Maybe get a BBI body, the newer kind, so he can achieve the more realistic poses...or a Hot Toys body, or Barrack Sgt., etc...but those are more expensive.

Then of course, there is the pictures themselves. A "light-box" and a tripod will do wonders for your pictures. The tripod can be cheap and the light box can be made for free...

These are all just suggestions and are not meant to belittle your excellent work in any way.
You're off to a good start for sure. I agree, just change out the body for one of the more flexible bodies.
Just play with it more and look at real soldier's pictures while you try to pose your figure. The DiD figure can do some good poses if you don't want to swap the body. Nice looking figure though. Oh and if you want to secure the NOD/NVG to the helmet mount, just add some superglue, or a less permanent measure, sticky/handy/blue-tac.
cool first bash, yea just swtich out the bodies and get a light box and youre set. nice work though dude. welcome.
Great first bash! :thumb
Good start. Keep it up.
These days, everyone's first is better than my last! You lot are getting talented and I'm playing catch up!

Nice work

Always cool to see first bashes:thumb Keep em coming - and have fun with process.
Very good first bash. Since this can be an expensive hobby, try and get a BBi G3 or Soldier Story body. You can find them at a very reasonable price and they work well with Very Hot uniform sets. The uniform and accessories will fit better.

Next you may want to look for a different HS so the helmet will fit better. Since you have the face covered with a baclava, which head you use does not matter as long as the helmet fits. Give several heads a try. BBi and SS bodies use a universal mount that allow variety heads from different manufactures to be used. So, finding a head that will fit a BBi or SS body will be easy.

The Very Hot uniform set comes with boots that are a nock off of HT and they can be very stiff. So you will need a hair drier to make the plastic soft so you can lace the boots better.

Presentation is another part of the hobby. I am not saying to buy photoshop but learning how to pose the figure helps with realism. THis is best done when the figure is nude so you can observe how the various joints work on the 1:6th scale body. You will also learn how to balance the figure using various poses.

Great first effort. As any one of the guys (or gals) will tell you, we are always learning something new that will help make our figures better. So, each figure we build always become a finish work in transition. Good job!
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