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My first 1/6: Seeks suggestion and advice

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Hi 1/6 figure fans,

I'm a new member to this awesome community. Had been lurking around and finally decided to join and ask for advice. Greatly appreciates your thoughts and comments.

This will be my very first 1/6 scale figure. Initially was gonna pull the trigger on a 3A JungleVet, mainly for its articulated fingers/hand (yes, I have a finger/hand fetish for my figures), then found this site which opened up a whole new way to increase my credit card debt.

So from what I've seen and learned on this forum so far, here's what I've narrowed down to:
1st choice: Barrack Sergeant PMC, either original or OSF exclusive. (seems like only the head sculpt and scarf is different, which is better?)
If not above, then any one of the Soldier Story, DAM, or Toy City as these brands seems to make quality figures.

I've also looked at creating my own with a TTL v2 or v3 body, but the price to gather all the parts are close to buying a box figure, is this true? Or am I doing it wrong?

All comment and suggestions are welcome! Thanks for looking.
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@CC - Thanks! The reason for the BS is that it had high rating for pose-ability and that's what I usually look for in my figures and the accessories seems like a good deal for the price. Even though it's dated, the review for it has been above standard during that time I guess and I just thought it would be a good way to start my collection. I will definitely check out Crazy Dummy and the MARSOC from DAMtoys. You're certainly right about the cost of building one from scratch... I haven't even count all the different accessories.

@Doly - Thanks for your advice. I will certainly be hanging out here more often and try to be more active in posting. I did visit the open market once but still new to the whole scene, not really sure what to look for yet. But I'm sure with time and when I really decide to start my first kitbash, there should be some good deals there. Will be checking out SS Ranger in Afghan figs.

BTW: how do I go about deleting a thread? I think I accidentally create a duplicate... I didn't see any options under edit... =\
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@Saiko - Thanks for sharing your expertise with me, I obviously still have a lot of learn about this hobby.

The Hot Toys Iron man series is actually what got me started into looking at 1/6 figures. I might get one eventually, probably when the MarkVII becomes available. I do hope military figures will release some articulated fingers/hands in the future(might be some available already?), as separate accessories.

I will take everyone's advise and save the BSgt as a later purchase, just so I can experience the quality of a different brand and use its parts in a kitbash.

Currently I'm leaning towards the following:
Crazy Dummy US Navy Seal Team 8 MK48 MOD1 Gunner
Crazy Dummy US Army Ranger Gunner In Afghanistan
Soldier Story 1st Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment

The upcoming releases from SS and CD looks really good too, but I cannot wait till March to own one. Any comment and suggestion about the above figures will be helpful. Thanks!
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