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My Deer Hunter DeNiro

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well after seeing the unreal deer hunter works posted by dunedin, i took my own version off the shelf and took a couple of pictures. It was one of my very first custom/kitbashes on a real figure (as in, a dragon body and not an ultimate soldier or gi joe!)
Some primitive sculpting on the hair, and some of the weathering most notably the blood has dissappeared (evaporated?), but it i still think it looks mint.
Notice also the beautiful molded pouches and inaccurate gear, such as the 21C British red devil backpack:p

updated note: I know he has an M16 in the film, but i gave him an AK instead

sorry, blurry.


thanks for looking, take care
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Wow, looks great TS! Love the headsculpt a lot, your figure looks spot on!! :thumb
Nice bash, looks really neat Stooge.
you can use the Linh backpack- that is what I used
thanks a lot everyone! It was pretty much just a kitbash usmcrtop, the only stuff i acquired for it was the tiger stripe uniform the rest was just thrown together from loose parts:D thanks for the advice!
Wow, he looks great.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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