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Absolutely I can:
I used a Nylon Martha Stewart Brush and Raw Umbar and Tan paint,. The raw umber alone is the perfect mud color on skin and some times I would add just a speck of tan in with the Raw umber. I dry brushed everything…. and also used the tips of the bristles to make some specks of dirt on the face over the dry brushing…. for the blood I used custom corn starch blood and then dry brushed raw umber over top until i got my desired effect.

For the clothes I dry brushed tan to get the creases and highlight on the clothes and then raw umber with a tiny bit of tan and then dry brushed the clothes… in some spots all raw umber…. hard to explain once I started it just flowed…. and thats it really …. Its all about making it look realistic…. but that Raw umber alone was the most perfect dirt color for his face, arms and hands….. Let me know if you need anything else

Steve on this forum helped me get started, Steve you da man!!!!!

Thanks Glad you liked, now I'm trying to figure out the next figure to weather
Did Buck Jones, Platoon sergeant Barnes, John Matrix hot toys comando , or do a bloody Sweeney Todd Hot toys, Hummmm dont know, but it was fun as hell!!!

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....Steve on this forum helped me get started, Steve you da man!!!!!
:) All I did was give you a few pointers, you did all the hard work yourself and it came out great! I don't weather up *every* figure I have, but certain ones look all the better for it.
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