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Awesome job Tokkion,she's one of my favourite movie characters and you've definitely done her justice.I have the Phicen one with the Head from iyiyy and i agree about the massive bust affecting the fit of the outfit on a more suitable Body.Still in a quandary about where to go with her.Put her aside for a while.

Nice work on yours too Shadow.

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very nice ..

my attempt..

Hey there. If you can,when you're putting pictures in a thread,
you can't put them all in a row connected to each other. It stretches
out the post to it's limits. You have to hit enter have each picture so
it seperates them and drops each one down below the next one.

Like I did here.

Just a suggestion, if you could edit your post like that, it
would make it a low easier for others to view this thread.

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