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Hi Guys
Just wanted to show you my mods to my Roc Hobby 1941 Willys Jeep and see what you think.
I hand made the footmans loops in 1/6 , have not painted them yet, modded my jerry can holder and replaced the belt, but using one strap buckle, all my straps are sewn on.
All my straps are 5 DiD Sergeant Horvath belts, saving what was left over to reenforce around the window in the canvas top.
Last 5 pics.
1 Footmans loop, what my straps go though.
2 horvath belt
3 canvas top I modded mine to look like
4 Jerry can holder I modded mine to look like.
5 Old pic 1941 Willys showing Jerry can and holder

I am going to make a how to thing with pics and instructions on how to make 1/6 scale footman loops, and how to mod your canvas top like I have, but that will come later on.


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