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I'm watching BlackHawk Down right now...And I notice that the Ranger who has the seizure is Mr Fantastic(Ioan Gufford).I also notice a few others who I didn't know back then

The soft hearted Mercenary dude from Rambo is the Ranger who has the Ping Pong accident

Buddy Revel(3 O'clock high,who remebers that movie on the board)as the Delta on the Blackhawk with Eversman at the Red Cross food center

Trainspotting Duo,Spud and Renton as Grimes and the 60 Gunner,Waddell I believe.

Kim Coates(one of my customers when I was working at Pasadena FORD)as the Delta that get blown in half.I knew I had seen that guy somewhere when he walked up and ordered parts from me a few years back.

Drew Barrymores crazy boyfriend from Charlies Angel:full Throttle is a Ranger.

The kid from Mystic River and Black Donnellys.

Brian Van Holt from SWAT

In addition to the ones we all know already,Will Turner,The Hulk,Roger Van Zant,Ari Gold,Horvath,and.....Josh Hartnett(I can't think of anything else worthwhile he's done)

That's a pretty decent cast.

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That guy from Hardball (Richard Tyson) is the injured Delta defending the downed Black Hawk!
And he's rescued by the annoying guy from Dawn of the Dead 2004.
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