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Well, I've see a few customs , and a few production figures , and , I was wondering , how do they get the eyes to move?

Also..what would the best way to get a mouth to move? *lower jaw*.

Thanks for any info.


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Hmm sorry for the lack of answers until now, but I think if you get one of the first 7 bbi figures, really old now, should be like 14usd a pop, but they had this mechanism in their head that made the mouth open and close. I don't think many people liked it though. I would think the face's 'skin' would be latex or something.

For movable eyes, Binbo-san once posted his customized Amy HS, wherein the eyes were like 2 bb's painted with eyes, with a stalk in the back. Each of the 2 stalks were connected to a mechanism connected to a lever that came out of the back of the head underneath the hair, and when he wanted he could move the eyes.

I think the head was held together by a screw in the back of her head as well, probably for repairs and to switch eye colours.

I would think it would be difficult to do, as you must thin the eye socket from inside to a good degree so it would look right, and cut the old eye holes out.

Another option along these lines would be to make a lego-like piece with both eyes that you could just swap with other pieces whenever you wanted the eyes to move.
Again, this would require the head being 2 pieces so that you would have access.

A tough task, definitely requiring practice, but I think it'd be cool and worthwhile, at least for the fun. [aggravating as it may be]
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