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I am really love this head sculpt...she looks elegant and cool.....Just loving to keep taking pictures....

But it is always headache to take care the hair......

Clothing Joint Camouflage Military camouflage Gesture

Outerwear Shoulder Leg Sleeve Flash photography

Shoe Leg Street fashion Eyewear Neck

Joint Shoulder Smile Microphone Street fashion

Footwear Leg Flash photography Knee Waist

Joint Shoe Shoulder Leg Standing

-------------------------------Stage 2----------------------------------

Outerwear Arm Human body Flash photography Musician

Shoe Human body Gesture Headgear Performing arts

Hair Leg Flash photography Sleeve Knee

Gesture Thigh Entertainment Performing arts Knee

Suit trousers Gesture Flash photography Entertainment Blazer

Hair Face Footwear Joint Head

Footwear Shoe Leg Gesture Thigh

Footwear Shoe Comfort Flash photography Entertainment

Head sculpt = Cat-Toys CT-008
Body = Phicen/TB League S23B
Shoes = VS Toys Black Widow Shoes
Clothes = ZC World Office lady suit

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I have a similar head attached to a S23B in one of the photos in the thread: Cat Toys CT007A aka Cindy Aurum & CT008A - Review

I believe you would need bluetac or some wrapping to fill out the space in the neck join for those smaller TBL bodies.

Nice shoots you have there, lawlaw91!
Thank you and glad you like it.....I saw your post twice really got plenty of nice cloth for her :rolling

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The face is really pretty. Maybe she's one of those cases that something look much better in person!

I think the wig sits too flat on the head, giving the impression that the head is smaller then it really is. It happens a lot with many female heads!
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