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More of the same (Plus a Q for you?)

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Just a few more pics that I did not send with yesterdays pictures.

Desert Tiger Stripes

I sure wish I had a couple more pairs of this glove he has on.

Jake look a like

Another angle.

Q: I recently took off the mask that had the Costner sculpt underneath...and the dye from the mask bled slightly on his face. Warm soap and water did nothing. It's slight...but the tip of the nose you can see pretty well. (not dark...but inked on for sure) my question to you do I get it off with out ruining the rest of the actual HT paint? Thanks in advance.

here's the mask...bummer what happened. I really like the Costner sculpt.
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Good stuff for sure, bud.

I've heard alot of good reports on toothpaste and toothbrush being used for those types of clean up. For a nosetip, maybe just toothpaste and a Q-Tip?

Good luck.
Unfortunetly there is no way to get the dye off. I have had that happen on a few scuplts. The dye actually is absorbed into the paint and material the hs is made of. I stripped a hs for a repaint to see if it would come off. It did not. But someone else might know of a trick.
I might have to outsource this sculpt and have one of you "Pros" give this heasculpt a face painting of some sort.
Vietnam SEAL or Mike Force paint job?
Army Beret type face painting? Modern style? Black Ops style?
Or wait for more tips on how to possibly erase the dye?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

One Shot out!
For unpainted vinyl, you can use 10% Benzoyl Peroxide zit cream or a product called RemovZit. It usually takes a couple of applications and a bit of time to get the stain out.

I've never tried it on the harder painted vinyl heads, however.
I like those B&W pics.
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