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Edit: I seem to have somehow posted in the archive section? Not sure how I did that. Must not have been paying attention. Mods, can this be deleted/moved?

I only have one to show off at the moment. It's my first attempt. I don't think I've ever sculpted a human head before. But I really enjoyed it, so you'll probably see a lot more from me very soon.

I was working from pictures of Rebecca Chambers from Resident Evil. I didn't have high hopes for what I was capable of so was going to be happy if it ended up looking at all like a half-attractive woman.
The pictures on the left are my first attempt. People kept thinking I had sculpted myself or Luke Skywalker. I finally got some feedback about what was making it look so man-ish. I shaved down the nose, made the mouth a bit smaller. Then I decided the eyes needed some work so I redid them completely.
The result, I think looks a little more like Rebecca.

Positive and negative feedback are both appreciated.


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