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For anyone who is a fan of the SS S2 bodies, a quick tute on how I did this.

You will need the following tools:
a sharp xacto knife
a tube of super glue (gel preferably)
a small pair of pliers

In the process of bashing a custom Indiana Jones for myself using a Soldier Story S2, I decided that I liked the look of the Sideshow boots way more than the Medicom ones so I decides to go with my instincts. Only problem is that the Sideshow boots are actually bootfeet that had long pegs and the S2 feet use ball and cup to join the feet to the body (one is not compatible with the other). My first reaction was to just drill the calf out to accept the pin... but as you can see there is a honking big ball that comes above the top of the boot:

This would be a problem as it would make the calf sit way too high on the boot and turn his trousers into highwaters, so I decided to mod the boots to accept the S2 ankle pins.

First thing to do is pull the Sideshow pins from the boots with the pliers. You can either just discard them or toss them in the spare bits box for the future because we will not be using them.

With your xacto knife, carve out the hole in the boot all the way to the bottom. You are wanting to widen the hole to be the diameter of the main body of the S2 ankle pin.

The boot on the left is the modified hole, while the one on the right is what it looks lik prior to cutting (please forgive my crap photography)

Once the S2 ankle joint fits snugly down the hole, it is time to slightly modify the pin. The S2 ankle pin has a large ball on one end and a small ball at the other. The large ball is the one that fits into the cup on the calf while the small one fits a cup on the bare foot. With the xacto, cut off the smaller ball so you end up with the ankle joint and the calf ball only

Right peg is modified, left one is original.

Now you want to test for final fit. The fit you are looking for is for the peg to sit so the calf ball comes up to the top of the inside of the boot,, but does NOT go higher than the top. Carve out a bit more if necessary.

Once you have it seated properly, pull the peg back out. With the xacto cut the extra material from the top of the boot, getting as close as you are comfortable to the outer edges of the boot surface, basically hollowing out the top of each boot about 1/2 inch into it. Do this cut tapering inward to form a sort of funnel shape inside the boot. The reason to do this is because the leg will be inside the boot when you assemble the figure. The funnel shape inside the boot will ensure that forward and backward motion of the foot will not be totally lost (it will be lessened to an extent, but the more you hollow out, the less impairment there will be).

Put a generous dollop of superglue down at the bottom of the hole and seat the peg. You can put extra around the top edge of the peg body for added strength if you like, but avoid getting any on the calf ball. Let this dry thoroughly and snap the new feet on the legs of the s2 body.

The whole project (doing both boots) took less than an hour start to finish.

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What a damn good idea, but Henry is now using Indy's old body so I needed the feet!

It's worth pointing out here that some earlier S2's didn't have that ankle configuration. The MSOB definitely has them as will the Airborne Medic and the upcoming PMC.


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yea very nice guys kill me with how yall figure this stuff out.. I wish all the makers would just go by some kind os everything can be interchanged.... oh well..
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