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For yet another WIP that has been on the back burner for too long, I need a Model 1860 Navy Cutlass. The earlier cutlass made by BGT is great, but I have to have the '60. It was patterned after the 1859 Cavalry Saber with the same grip and forward guard and a 9" shorter blade. The big difference was the guard had a solid sheet brass hand protector, and I wasn't sure how to create that.
I already had a CXR copy of the SST saber that I didn't mind cutting up, and shortening the blade was pretty simple. After considering making a pattern out of Apoxie Sculpt then vacu-forming the guard, I began looking around for a styrene shape that would work. Ended up using my head - or at least someone's. I remembered buying a bag of cheap vampire skulls a couple of Halloweens ago, and found them right away. After a quick labotomy, the basic shape was found and a bit of Dremeling and sanding, and final shaping with a hair dryer, and here is the result:

The cutlass was then painted and I wrapped thin wire around the grip. This was actually easier than painting the grooves. Finally, Bare Metal Foil was applied to the blade and we're ready to repel boarders.
The sailor will also need a scabbard, which was a simple leather sheath - with one big detail. The back is riveted with 42 rivets! I shaped the wet leather around the blade, and after it dried, pushed sequin pins through the top fold and cut them close. Then the fold was glued down with Duco Cement and I made a frog, using the BGT version as a partial pattern. I cheated, though. There are only 39 rivets (for you rivet counters out there).
Here's how the whole thing turned out. Hope you like it.

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