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Mk1 Man in ACU

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Well heres my first bash with ACE's new Mk1 man and some SFOD gear. The ACU's are from DId, I have no idea where the boonie came from it may be from BBi. Thanks for looking.

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Why is Army wearing a Marine boonie?
Great idea to update this figure PSCMatt...mixing camo is common...alot of times it's use what you got or what works....checkout this Combat Controller wearing a MARPAT uniform..
caption:Staff Sgt. Jonathan C. McCoy, selected as one of the 12 Outstanding Airmen of the year, is a pararescueman with the 24th Special Tactics Squadron at Pope AFB, N.C. He is a combat-hardened NCO who spent 2006 performing heroically in operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. Sergeant McCoy deployed as a combat search and rescue team leader and was engaged in life-threatening engagements, earning two Bronze Stars, one with valor. (U.S. Air Force photo)
Way to be supportive of the guys work :thumb
Thanks for the support hqpham & Eagle_MP.
Delta said:
Why is Army wearing a Marine boonie?
I agree with what has been said, but from a Marines' standpoint, we don't mix well with other branches as a whole (excluding SOFs). Whether it be uniforms or personalities. I doubt you'll ever see Marines wearing any other branches.

First SEALs with CRYE blouses and now Marines! The future of 1/6 modern looks promising.

Thanks for sharing the caption, wish it would've been on a better note or in the 1:1 section. I'd do it myself, but you've now seen the full extent of my computer capabilities :X :sadpace :X :wail

Nasty out
This guy look like he's late for something.

Actually he's trying to get to his 1/6 shop before it closes

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My bad on calling this Operator a Combat Controller..I know a couple of former 24th STS guys and I didn't realize/remember they had Pararescue too..wonder if it's just a matter of him liking MARPAT or if he's assigned to support MARSOC since 24th STS supports JSOC units...either way..just hope the new compression uniforms make it into 1/6th in all its forms..
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