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" Missing Home "
by pewpewfig

Gesture Musician Entertainment Performing arts Music

" 同志!"
" Commrade! "
Helmet Guitar accessory Human body Concert String instrument

" 檢查一下... "
" Let me see... "
Gesture Flash photography Sleeve Elbow Entertainment

" 唉啊...老了! "
" Sigh... I'm old! "
Art Sculpture Toy Event Entertainment

" 思鄉 "
" Missing Home "
Toy Flash photography Entertainment Performing arts Event

" 思考 "
" Thinking "
Helmet Musician Safety glove Entertainment Microphone stand

" 衝鋒之前 "
" Before the charge "
Glove Flash photography Helmet Gesture Audio equipment

" 最後的道別 "
" The last farewell "

The Chinese Voluntary Army fought in the Korean War in order to aid North Korean in fighting the US
South Korean & US army almost pushed the N.Koreans out of the Korean Peninsula
With the help of the Chinese, N.Korea managed to push S.Korea back.
A very special theme indeed.
I have included some Chinese titles to increase the mood of the photos,
I really like the head sculpt, it looks like a normal soldier rather than some handsome "hero"
The gear is very hard to find now, I found it in Japan.

If you like the photos please follow me on instagram!
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