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Hey Guys,

Back again. Finally getting some time to finish these"half-bashes" that are in my bins. I wanted to bash this guy for awhile but, couldn't figure out the body. I wanted to use a Barrack Sgt body but I knew that this bash would have exposed arms. I had a dyeing accident where I dropped a BBI arm into the dyepot and it totally stained it brown, especially where the joints are. Which meant no paint flaking or rub. Boom I had my solution to the arms. Probably old hat for a few of you guys but new to me. Anyhoo the recipe is below and thanks for looking.

Head-SS-repainted w/ goatee added
Body-Barrack Sgt-modded at the shoulders and stained w/ Rit Dye, repainted
Boots - BBI repainted
Pants- TS PCU
Top- DML t-shirt w/ some pad casts I did.
Vest- BBI w/ HT pouches
Pistol rig - VH
Leg rig -HT and TS which I cobbled together
Backpack- DML
Rifle- DID Xm repainted
Kneepads-DML repainted

The sneak suit parts are latex parts that I sculpted, very similar to my Old Snake ones. I have been experimenting with curving the sculpts to get a tighter fit. Thanks again.


1 - 20 of 39 Posts
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