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Guys lok at what car buy me from California

Beautifull , eh?

It's an Mercedes 500 K .
354 copies were manufactured between 1936/34.
It has 6 cylinders in line with OHV of 5020 cc turbo and 12 valves in front position.
160 HP with 4-speed reaches 160 km / h.
From 0 to 100 km / h in 16.5. "To curb has drum brakes in the 4 wheels.
It weighs 2268 kg

Soon change enrollment

Most striking is the music so horrible that brings manufacturing. It has an option to connect the mp3 with your favorite music, worst of all are the lights blink to the beat of the music, watching

It has more lights than a verbena; Five front, two doors, two rear and one of colors in the spare wheel. Fortunately everything is optional

Well, I was in the kitchen just to show the lights, leave this issue solved in the sun

Driving is a safe soft and elegant, usually in Mercedes

Before I forget, saying that measures 87 cm and is radio-control

Normally the car radio often have the smallest carrier for our scale. In this case I will cut the mast of the steering wheel to avoid the driver exercises contortion

It is so easy to accommodate two other passengers more

What I like most is his versatility; can serve for Germans or for the current season, it's wonderful

Originally does not bring the symbol of Mercedes-Benz, brings the manufacturer's because I have removed.
This side is spectacular with these steel tubes

Well this is my new car, a Mercedes 500 K 1936.
Thanks for being there , see you in OSW

Regards from Madrid
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