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Medicom nude body

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Does anyone know where in the world I can pick up a Medicom 301 Kai body? HLJ has had them on backorder for awhile and no one else seems to have them for sale. There's a few on ebay but they all seem to be $40+ with $20+ in shipping and I'm not paying over $60 for a nude body.
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dang dude I just sold mine two days ago it was just in my closet if you had posted this before I probably would of just givin it to you...which one are you looking for the buffer one or the standered Ill check if I have any at my brothers house.
Either... but I think the thinner one will work better. I need hand pegs too. I'm replacing the old style body on a Manga Ichi the Killer figure I got just. He needs some upgrading and the old style hand pegs do not seem to be the same as the new ones.
Got a picture? Ive got the body from the Medicom SAS Practise guy laying around somewhere.
2 possible options:

Buy the medicom Gatchaman (battle of the planets) on ebay, as they come with that body....but no hands, only gloves. They go for around 15.00-25.00ish. And they are here in the USA.

Medicom Cro magnon bodies are also cheapish and are on the gsg9 figures, which can be found on e-bay at a decent price.

hope that helps....good luck

Since I'm such a newb at this stuff...that male comparison was really there a female one out there as well?
PM me, I can prolly hook you up, if you haven't already been helped. The one I have is from the Medi Peter Parker, and has bare hands and fists, but not grabbing hands. I also have a bulkier Medi body, but it's from the GSG9 figure, not the 301 Massive, but still pretty heavy chested for the size.

[EDIT: sorry, just read the date on this. Apparently this is an older post. PM me if you are still in need, other wise, just ignore... LOL]
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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