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like everything else in hollywood these days this is BASED on a comicbook dude. so the 'weird" can't take all the credit. as for this figure well...ookay..took them a while....btw the sculpt looks like it's not even close!!

Yeah, like Hollyweird hasn't been known to twist source material to suit it's own collective value system before....dude.
They had the uncommon sense to leave it alone.

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The "mythology" you allude to is older than western gunslinger stereotypes or western films per se, much older. He was nothing less than a prophet of God straight out of the Old Testament.
He was tasked, led and strengthened by God.
He was completely blind which makes his journey and it's success a miracle of God.
To infer that he was partially sighted would imply Eli could take some credit for his success at transporting the word of God and surviving.
Remember the book doesn't make it to Alcatraz but the word of God does.
God was solely responsible for the success.
This is punctuated by the fact that he is shot, left for dead only to be caught up to by Kunis' character walking on the road with no real hindrances.
It was a great story because the main character was God not Eli.
Eli was just a vessel that could be counted on to be "faithful".
He (God) totally confounds the "Wise" and the "Wicked" by using a blind man to do his will and gets the last laugh on Evil even when they think theyve won.
Great on so many levels for so many reasons.

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I would agree the movie is a spiritual rorschach test of sorts.

The thing is too many unexplained or "miraculous" things occur at such needed times that end up looking like divine providence.
1.Eli getting out of a guarded and locked room with out being seen.
2.Getting away unscathed in gun battles and disappearing when he is seemingly cornered.
They even remark at one point that it's as if "someone is protecting him".
3.Taking down those multiple baddies in the bar with that machete like his hand was being guided.
(Remember he's a normal guy. Not ex Spec Ops or trained in any way)
How could even a partially sighted individual hope to do something like that?
4. He recovers from life threatening injuries that would almost put Wolverine to shame.
5. I think Eli was completely devoid of eyesight but rather God allowed him to see clearly in his minds eye.
6. The total memorization word for word of a King James Bible including Chapter and verse numbers !!!!

I think it is implied that he is carrying a full copy of the Bible, though as you point out a single complete braille volume of scripture in reality is not possible.
Its one of those movie things.

Thanks for posting those facts and insights.
I think you can tell a movie stands out when so many people take away different things.
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