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McFarlane Toys 12" Halo Blue Spartan in stores NOW!!

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Folks over at forums are posting photos of the newly released 12" Halo 3 Blue Spartan figure (below). These are selling for $26.97 exclusively at Wal-marts everywhere NOW and should be hitting soon if you can't find them (nothing in STL yet :( :() -

Impressions? the scale seems a bit small considering a Spartan should be around 7 feet tall (14" in 1:6) but it's still pretty good considering...

And for less than $27?!? I'll probably get two or three just to customize... :D :D
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That just begs to be hacked apart and customized. Wonder if they'll make it to The North. Put the Armour over an HT Ivan Drago, should look closer. :thumb
That looks awesome! I might look into getting one
None of the Wal-Marts near me carry Halo stuff, so I don't know how I'm going to get one. I don't have a car, so... :(
In 1/6 scale, the body armor would be a bit on the snug side, but the neck and helmet (compared to the GI standing next to him) would be for a pinhead. Looks good, but best left away from onesix figures. Full scale would've been pretty impressive.
I think cdn_rhino is right in that it's beggin' to be hacked up and made into multiple figures - I can see using the chest armor, forearms/hands and calf/feet on a 1:6 scale sci-fi military custom figure... ;)
I think it looks pretty awesome. I have already sent the misses a request to keep an eye out. They are also supposed to release a brown Spartan as a Toys R Us exclusive and then a regular Master Chief model, both in November.
Too bad about the scale because it looks like a really good sculpt. I notice the armour is not damaged. I wounder if the master chief will come with damage.

But for the price, you can't miss.
I would love to get ahold offthat but have yet to see it in stores....although they are just barely coming out. Does anyone know if Walmart is gonna be open for labor day or will they be closed?
I might just have to pick up a couple of these. Great price for sure. A repaint would make for a good space marine figure for my Joes or even using the parts for some gear stacshed in hangar dio.
I'm going to throw a Cobra sticker on that bad boy, and throw it up on the shelf next to Snake-Eyes. For the price it looks pretty good.
Im definately going to have to pick one of these up. Looks good for the price. Would be cool if the armor could be dremeled out and put on a dragon body or something... probably be way too much work though. Good find nonetheless.
I actually have three walmarts within a 15 minute drive of where I live in NJ (Brick, Toms River and Howell/Lakewood), so if they are open Monday, I'll see if they have it on their shelves. I'll definitely post one way or the other to let everyone here on the Jersey shore know what I find...and I promise I'll leave a few behind on the shelves!:thumb
Not bad at all, but still prefered the kotobukiya 1/6 statue of master chief.
No Master Chief till November!? OUCH!

No Master Chief till November!? OUCH!

That's better for me cause that's a month before my B day, hopefully they don't sell out before then.
I will never see those in this part of the world at Wal Mart in the middle of New Mexico.
So you still have the SKU number from the package? Maybe they can order me some? .............................Hammer
I saw one yesterday and passed. I wasn't impressed because of the size issue. I did think about getting it to hack up, but I had the same thoughts about the helmet being for a pin-head.

Has anybody seen the Halo Master Chief bobble head? Some bobble heads are perfect 1/6 head sculpts. It may be oversized but I haven't seen it in person so don't know for sure. If it's to scale it may be possible to replace the "pin head" from above with a suitable vinyl hs and hollowed out bobble head helmet.


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