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It's complete! Finally!
Anyhoo, in case you didn't guess, I've been working on this for awhile. I've tried to make it as accurate as possible, and I posted a bunch of reference pictures. I know there've been a lot of MARSOC figures lately, but at least it's not a bunch of SEALs again (I kid, post as many SEALs as you want :lol). Below are the completed diorama pictues, consisting of 4 MARSOC operators; below those, WIP pics; and below those, reference pics.
Enjoy! C&C are welcome and encouraged! (*NOTE: the pictures didn't turn out too great a) because my camera isn't great and b) because i accidentally shot them all in VGA format.)

MARSOC MSOT Raiders in a firefight, Afghanistan, 2012

EDIt 24/8/14: Diorama has been painted!
After a fresh, 3rd coat of Tamiya Desert Yellow.

With sand, tumbleweed, ladder, roof beams, gate etc.

The dio: made from pink insulation foam found at Home Depot, etc. I've covered it in plaster to get a nice rough muddy texture, cut in a window, added roof beams and a gate etc. Also, not seen in this crappy pic, boot prints on the ground.

This is the gate! Probably one of the better-kept gates in Afghanistan, but what do I know, I've never been their. I'm just going off ref pics.

The ladder! This was made with wooden dowling, carved to look rough and weather-beaten, with notches carved in for the rungs. The rungs recieved the same treatment, then were glued in place and wrapped with model ship rigging.

Ahhhh, the weapons! I actually did a bunch of research here, each weapon is based off of a real one used by a MARSOC operator. These include:
M4A1 (with PEQ, EOTech, light etc and weathering)
MK18 Mod 1 14" (with ACOG and Killflash, PEQ, light, M203, Pmag, notes - based on stills from a video taken of MARSOC in a firefight)
MK18 Mod 1 12" (With DR scope, PEQ, rails guards, suppressor, light on offset mount, fastmag, etc and weathering)
Mk46 (EOTech, PEQ, foregrip, duct tape, etc and weathering)
M1911 x2
Glock 19 gen 3
Barrett M107A1! (with sanded-down finish, PEQ, and scope with Barrett sniper computer)

Patches! I'm sick of having patches that fall apart, stick up etc/don't exist in 1/6th. They obviously aren't as good as C_C's, but they work for me. They are colour-printed on paper, then put on double-sided tape and cut out. They include:
'Sh*t-Creek survivor'
'Major-League Doorkicker MLD'
'major-league infidel'
'Taliban Hillfighter'
'Achmed the Dead terrorist - I kiiiiill you!'
'Pork-eating crusader'
'Raiders patch'
'I'm a lead farmer muthaf**ka! (Tropic Thunder'

here are the 4 operators. none of them are finished yet.
The comms spec:

Th gunner:

The grenadier: (NOTE: NOT COMPLETE)

the attached Critical-Skilles operator:

The diorama, with figure for scale:


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Re: WIP - Special Forces Team dio

Can't wait to see the finished work. Your customs are always awesome Canuck.

wave man TDY staff
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Re: USMC Spec Ops w/ Diorama in Afghanistan - WIP stuff

Ambitious, to the point of turning epic. Good looking crew and staging.

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Re: USMC Spec Ops w/ Diorama in Afghanistan - WIP stuff

I love what you've done so far. The dio looks well constructed and I like the overall design and shape. Cant wait to see it done!
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