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Here's my first "Level Zero Hero". Enjoy!

"Everything changed when two 82nd Airborne Paratroopers tragically drowned in the muddy Bala Morghab River while trying to retrieve vital supplies from an airdrop that had gone terribly wrong. In that one moment, the focus and purpose of the friendly forces at Forward Operating Base Todd changed forever. With the assist of U.S. Marine Special Operations Team 8222, a massive clearing operation was initiated to break the Taliban's stranglehold on the valley and its people. - LZH"


[Hot Toys] Truetype Body - Slim Version
[Hot Toys] Headsculp "NSW Gunner"

[BBI] Battle Dress Uniform - woodland
[BBI] Duty Belt
[Toy Soldier] Long Sleeve Underwear

[Playhouse] BAE Systems ECLIPSE Releasable Body Armor Vest - Special Forces (RBAV-SF)
[Soldier Story] SFLCS Frag Grenade Pouch
[Soldier Story] SFLCS M4 Triple Mag Pouch
[Soldier Story] SFLCS MBITR Pouch
[DAM Toys] TT Double Mag Pouch
[Soldier Story] IFAK Pouch

[Playhouse] Glock17 9mm Pistol
[Playhouse] Glock17 9mm Magazines (2+1)

[Soldier Story] Modular Integrated Communication Helmet (MICH) TC-2000
[Soldier Story] Norotos 3-Hole Shroud
[Ace] Baseball Cap

[ACE] TASC Headset & PTT
[Soldier Story] AN/PRC-148 MBITR
[Soldier Story] MBITR Whip Antenna

[Toys City] Asolo Moran Hiking Boots
[Hot Toys] Bendy Hands

[DAM Toys] M4A1 SOPMOD Carbine w/RISII
[DAM Toys] KAC 600m Folding Rear Sight & Flip-Up Folding Front Sight
[Soldier Story] Schmidt&Bender PM 1.1-4x20 Short Dot Scope
[Cal-Tek] Aimpoint Micro T-1
[DAM Toys] LA-5/PEQ Advanced Target Pointer Illuminator Aiming Light (AN/PEQ-15 ATPIAL)
[DAM Toys] KAC Sound Suppressor
[Cal-Tek] Harris HBRS Bipod
[Soldier Story/DAM Toys] USGI M4/M16 5.56mm Magazines (4+1)

[Dr. Figure] Benchmade Fixed Blade Knife
[Soldier Story] M67 Frag Grenade

[Toys City] VIP IR Stobe Light
[Toys City]Garmin Foretrex 101 GPS
[Soldier Story] Light Stick
[Soldier Story] Tactical Medic Scissors
[Soldier Story] Military Emergency Tournique
[Soldier Story] Tri-Fold Restraints Plasticuffs
[BBI] D-Ring

[Patch] Afghan Flag
[Patch] ANA Commando
[Patch] US Flag
[Patch] Marine Raiders
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