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Mark XXV Striker Indoor and outdoor shots

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Well to me this figure only has two drawbacks: no Tony head sculpt given and some joints are pretty tight. But overall its weathering effect is cool!

Other pics:Mark XXV Striker ??????? - ????(Review) - FHC????? - Powered by Discuz!

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Great figure and really nice photos.

Love the ones of Antman in the tall grass. :lol
i accidentally share some pics of ANTMAN here~~

The full album in FB / ????? ??Antman??? (???) - ????(Review) - FHC????? - Powered by Discuz!

the long grass made antman look like really small! What a luck to get that background in a park nearby
Thanks for AntMan link... those close-up face shots of Paul Rudd look fantastic!
I'm starting to believe HT has replicated the Pym Particles to be able to do those realistic face paints! :)
this head sculpt is cool~~~!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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