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I was too lazy to cut the backyard today and I was bored so here ya go. Enjoy!!!

Cpl.Jackson:"No bad guys on the swing set Sarge"

Sarge:"Alright let's move"

Cpl.Jackson:"What the Hell is that??"
Sarge:"A barbeque pit"
Cpl.Jackson:"They sent us to war for this"
Imran(Interpreter)"Nah they sent you to War to kill the squirrels"

Cpl.Jackson: "Why doesn't Daniel cut the Grass???"
Sarge:" Because he's going to see Edith when she comes back this Saturday"
Imran: "But it's Wednesday"
Sarge: "Then I don't know then"

Sarge:"Alright lets move out"

Imran:"Whats That???"

Sarge:"Jackson open fire Squirrel at 10 o'clock"

Cpl. Jackson:"Die Evil Squirrels!!!"


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Gotta have fun with the little guys every now and again... made me chuckle, it did!:green

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reminded me of little green army men games. They were a little close to that dog bowl there, they might get mad. Since they are GiJoe in the back yard you think they would be worried about "snakes". ha ha ha ehhhhh. It was funnier in my head.
Nice job. Good posing.
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