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As it always seems to happen, researching another project I found another photograph of THE SAME SCENE I tried to copy!
Interestingly this new photo(from the "Battle of the Bulge Then and Now" book) shows more of the figures and answers many questions the other photo did not.
First the Manteuffel aide is indeed a giant of a man!
I had to place him on a CD to raise him above the others, and look at the new photo!He is MUCH taller than the others.
I found it very interesting that Manteuffel is wearing the two cufftitles, eventhough he is CO of the 5th Panzer Army and has nothing to do with GD Division at this moment!
Finally the trousers of both Panzer officers seem to be some sort of panzer cut over pants, maybe the HBT type like Baldur maybe something else.
In my representation (not seen in the image) I used black panzer trousers for both.
I wish I had seen this photograph before! :(

"New" Photo

Old Photo


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