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Here's my '07 Sideshow Toy Christmas Ornament custom.
I really wanted to stick with a "Dawn of the Dead"-eque mall theme (I always think of the SS DEAD Security Guard as a mall security guard, and the DEAD Doctor could easily be a mall dentist), AND I really wanted some color from the costume, because so far the Dead's clothes have been so drab, so here's my Mall Santa zombie.

You can't really see it, but there's a half eaten finger stuck in his fur.
I thought it would be funny as hell to have a naughty/nice list stuck to his foot like toilet paper, only stuck with gore.

I plan on making a little "Meet Santa" mall diorama with a "Santa's elf" girl victim lying across his chair and a few child zombies eating her when I get the chance, but that will be a ways off yet.
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