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Mall Santa zombie

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Here's my '07 Sideshow Toy Christmas Ornament custom.
I really wanted to stick with a "Dawn of the Dead"-eque mall theme (I always think of the SS DEAD Security Guard as a mall security guard, and the DEAD Doctor could easily be a mall dentist), AND I really wanted some color from the costume, because so far the Dead's clothes have been so drab, so here's my Mall Santa zombie.

You can't really see it, but there's a half eaten finger stuck in his fur.
I thought it would be funny as hell to have a naughty/nice list stuck to his foot like toilet paper, only stuck with gore.

I plan on making a little "Meet Santa" mall diorama with a "Santa's elf" girl victim lying across his chair and a few child zombies eating her when I get the chance, but that will be a ways off yet.
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Not what you want to see coming down the chimney on Christmas morning.
Looks like somebody should have fired up the fireplace on his way down.
Burn Santa burn!!
looks pretty good, blood looks a little light though....guess cause its red on red. I should pick up an extra ornament to go for a custom.
very nice.....that's terrifying
No mince pies and milk for him, brains instead.
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