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I've been making custom isnignia, and I haven't used mass produced insingia fo rhte most part (Except some officer's collar tabs) for most of the year so far.
Making custom insignia may seem tough at first because everything pixelizes if you try to make it exactly one-sixth, but here's my process with all of my one-sixth insignia weather its for personel use or to be sold to somebody who doesn;t want to deal with DML or DiD's stuff.
Everything mentioned here covers my insgnia method, and is not a complete guide to every way of making insignia, but other makers can put in their information as well.
Here's what you need before beginning any custom insignia project, you need the following materials-
- Inkjet printer; the one connected to your computer should be sufficient enough
- Printer-Friendly Fabric; this is my preferred fabric, and it's availible in 3 and 10 packs-
- Any photo creating/editing program; I use MS paint and Irfanview. On paint, I make the insignia, while on Irfanview, I make any color changes (SS spring fall variants, etc....)
- Insignia references; I have some fullscale insignia, most of it good repros, and an original Heer eagle for references. Anyhting with size references are good.
- Disk Space; The insignia files are HUGE. My smallest file is 800,000 bytes. I have an CD-RW, with several of my files on it. You need either a stack of CDs or alot of space on your hard drive.
-Time; It takes on average about 28-40 hours of R & D on each new sheet. By new sheet, I simply mean a new branch (heer, ss, LW, etc...) Different divisions of each branch tend to take me about 3-4 hours.

After you have everything, you can begin on your work.
The steps on making insignia are simple, but time and disk space is an issue for the most part.

Some 1:1th insignia. Mine is from ATF, as is the picture.
I take a ruler and measure it out, noting all of its dimensions; size of the entire patch and some details (Mostly the SS Runes) are needed. For everythign else, like Heer collar tabs and sleeve/breast eagles, it's all proportional.

The insignia after being made on the programs
After you take the measurements on the insignia, make it close to the same measurements on the photo program. As you can see here, it's my SS collar tabs and parts of the rank chevrons.

Heer test print page
Do a test print. If you oversized the insignia, you will need to reduce the insignia to between 15 an 25 percent of the original size.
For my insignia, I resize all of my insignia to 25% of the original size. The proper reduction from 1:1th to 1:6th is 16.666%
After you make your test print, check to see if everyhting printed on one sheet, and if you need to redesign some stuff. I mostly re-order everything on my sheets. On the heer sheet, I put the collar tabs on a seperate sheet and made more (Alot mroe) stuff.

Final print
I do one more test print before printing onto the expensive stuff, After it's printed, I let the ink dry. To speed up the drying process, I take the fabric off of the paper backing, place it ink side down and iron it with a warm, dry iron.

Once it's dry, I apply it to the uniform or sell it.

Good luck, and show me your results if you try it!!
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