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Actually ACE have released 2 pics of awesome Vietnam war figures: One is SOG, another is Project Delta.

Below content is actually from 2ND BDE LRRP website:
"DELTA was technically separate from SOG. DELTA was all SF, while SOG was joint-services. DELTA's missions were supposed to stop at the border, and SOG was supposed to take over there. The reality was there was a little double dipping, and DELTA sometimes went over the border. Our little rag-tag provisional LRRP platoon got caught up in the big time. Technically, DELTA was working with us rather than us working with them. This exposed us to DELTA and in some cases, SOG information. Our recon teams operated out of SF camps, and sometimes got mission briefings in SF ops bunkers. We took it in stride as part of the job". ------ Frank Camper

Navy Seals:

25th Infantry Division (Bravo company, "Platoon")

At last, taking a group photo to mark this occasion which did not exist in the history:


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