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Is this similar?

ati-Matic submachine gun / GG-95 PDW (Finland)

Jati-matic submachine gun

Diagram from US patent, issued to Jali Timari for design of the Jati-Matic SMG

Caliber: 9x19mm Luger/Parabellum
Weight: 1.65 kg empty
Length: 400 mm
Barrel lenght:
Rate of fire: 650 round per minute
Magazine capacity: 20 or 40 rounds

Jati-Matic submachine gun was designed by Jali Timari and manufactured at Tampeeren Asepaja Oy, Finland, in 1980 - 1987. In 1995 the Jati-Matic briefly appeared again, under the name of GG-95 PDW from finnish company Oy Golden Gun Ltd.


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IMDB is you friend:

IMDB said:
The submachine gun used by Marion Cobretti in the final showdown with biker gang is a Jati-Matic. The Jati-Matic first appeared in the early 1980s, but was never adopted by any country for use. It re-appeared in Finland in the mid-1990s as the GG-95 Personal Defense Weapon made by the Golden Gun Company. The gun is chambered in 9x19 parabellum, has a cyclic rate of 600 rounds/min, and has various accessories that were offered such as a silencer, various capacity magazines, and a laser pointing device.
wasn't the Cobra's version supposed to have been converted to some .50 caliber though?

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if you look closely at the JATI,you will notice its odd lines.the barrel points up,the body of the gun points down.'ergonomics'..looks strange but i guess those finns know a thing or two about gun design.and yes,this gun was also used in 'red dawn' as a 'stand in' for a skorpion type gun(even worn in a holster).an interesting 'might have been' that never was only a 'nine'..never a .50.also note the 80s era flashlight size lazer sight and lack of shoulder stock of any kind.the movie press kit had a whole section devoted to the gun.the gun looked great...the movie?...well...the gun looked great.
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