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Machete progress pics

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Made a machete today. Took most of the day.

Step 1: Research. Search for examples and choose one to copy.
Time taken: 15 mins.

My favourite is the bolo.

Step 2: Make a template.

Get the measurements of the full-sized version and scale down to 1:6. Sketch a few examples on paper and choose one to transfer to a piece of wood to act as a template. Then cut out the template and sand smooth.

Time taken: 1 hour.


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Step 3: Metal blank.

Trace around the template onto a piece of steel plate (cut from an old computer case).

Step 4: Cut out blank

Cut out the blank, then file and grind it to shape (it took a while to get it right). Next, give it a quick polish and find a couple of pieces of wood for the grip.

Time taken: 1.5 hours.


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Step 5: Attach the grip
Use a file to rough up the metal and wood for the glue to key to. Glue the wood onto the tang and clamp until dry.

Step 6: Shape the grip
File and sand the grip until it is the correct shape

Time taken (not including drying time): 45 mins.


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Step 7: Finishing.

Grind an edge into the blade. Polish the metal and sand the grip. Drill a hole through the bottom of the grip.

Time taken: 1 hour.


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Total time taken is around four and a half hours. This shows why custom pieces cost so much - even for something as simple as this knife. Subsequent machetes would only take around 3 hours because the research and template have already been done.

Other finishing options:
stain the wood.
leather wrist strap threaded through the hole.
peined rivets through the handgrip
leather binding for the handgrip.
leather scabbard.
The Bolo Machete is popular in Southeastern Asia where it is commonly used as a farming and agricultural tool. It would be suitable for a Vietnam-era action figure. If anyone wants it, send me a PM and make an offer.


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You sir, are a God-Damn blacksmith. ;) Nice work! Ive never thought to use actual metal on something like this. Ah, the more you know...
Great work and hope to see more of these in the future...
Great work there! And now you know the cost of customs...LOL!
I smiled when I saw the bandaged thumb. Could just be a split, with the cold, dry weather, but fine work grinding a scale piece can earn a bite now and then. I prefer the "cloth" band aids, too. I do add a wrap of Scotch electrical tape, for further protection.

That said, certainly both a nice result, and a good look at the time spent.
Heh. I spend a lot of time in my garden and in my workshop. Between these two activities my hands cop a lot of abuse.

FWIW I'm in Australia. It is summer here.
I hadn't looked top right for your location. Certainly not winter dryness then.
Very nice work. I swing a machete, almost daily in my line of work(land surveyor).
Keep up the good work.

Nice work!
Sheath made from a scrap of leather - real leather not that pleather crap.

Step 1. place the knife on the leather and trace out a pattern then fold it over the blade so that the crease is at the back and the seam is along the cutting edge.

Step 2. Roughly cut out the leather leaving enough of a strap above the blade to form a belt loop.

Step 3. Put the leather in hot (not boiling) water. Let it soak until all the air bubbles stop.

Step 4. Take it out and wipe off excess water. Fold it around the blade, press it down and work it so that it stretches and forms around the blade. Clamp it in place until the leather completely dries (could take a day or two).

Step 5. Remove blade. Cut leather out into its final shape. Glue and/or sew the seam (I used glue).

Step 6 Clean it up, trim edges. Glue or sew down belt loop.

Voilà! Time taken around 1 hour (not including drying time). It is a similar process to make gun holsters but it takes more time to get the pattern right.


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Very nice piece of work!
Outstanding work, time consuming it is. I've been making knives and shaping ,grinding etc etc takes time that said , after you do one and have a path to follow it does get a little quicker.

Very nice work, indeed.
I don't have an immediate use for this so I'll take $US25 for both the machete and sheath if someone else can use it. Send me a PM.
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