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m60 and shotgun

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just bought two m60s with shotguns attached, thought they might be good for a kitbash tho i have no idea what type of kitbash they would suit.
anybody any ideas on the matter.
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Well, seeing a M60 was never mated with a shotgun. It is heavy enough as it is, and no one in their right mind would go and purposefully add more weight to it and still able to use it, effectively in combat. I'd say go with a scifi kitbash, say.... a iron man from the 12" line repainted and some other stuff added on so it wouldn't look like you just repainted a iron man and added a large gun.
yea i thought that they would be too heavy looking for realism, tho if i cut the shotgun of i think the m60 wopuld look good with a few added bits like ammo belt or box and a sling, maybe some weathering? here is a pic incase any body hasnt seen it yet.
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i was thinking of trying to do that but, i have added my home made sling and some weathering.
thanks for the help!
Kinda reminds me of when I added a M203 to a Stoner SAW
thats cool i have the same stoner as that. without the m203 tho i am seriously thinking of putting one onto it!
its possable becuase the stoner is a very light system
Looks like something that could have been attached to a certain woman's leg during a certain movie......................,but that's just me.

This is where I put mine. Because he has the bulk to carry it, never in combat long enough to have to change the barrel in the field, and doesn't believe in "too much" firepower. ;)

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it might look "off" in 1;6, but in 1;1 ......!!!

they're the perfect not-too-distant-sci-fi gun

i really like the m60/m203 ..... talk about suppressive fire with wall o'lead or a grenade !!
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