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M43 and the M65 Jackets

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What are the main and noticable differeances between the two? Could the
M43 pass for the latter?
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The M65 has some noticeable differences than the M43. The M65 has a zippered front and a hidden zippered hood within the underside of the collar. It also has velcro cuffs. The pockets were also closed with a press snap, where on the M43 they were buttons. The M-43 did not have zippers, nor did it have an internal hood. The hood had to be attached with buttons around the collar and shoulders epulette (sp???). It also had a button closure cuff. The M-43 was closer to the M51, where the only real difference was the zipper.

Another difference is that the M43 and M51 had pronounced lapels.
Yeah, the M43 has a notched lapel, while the M65 has a mandarin collar. (Though both are made to be worn open or up around the neck.) Most of the zippers/buttons/snaps/velcro are hidden (apart from the adjustment buttons on each cuff of the M43, which can be easily removed) so the collor is really the biggest outward visual difference.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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