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M113 Armored Personel Carrier

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Finally finished Rich's test M113 kit.

Tim (plasticpanzers)
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Just about finished a production unit for display when Rich goes to the Sacramento show
next month. Will have a pic or two in a few days once i get some markings on it and a
few more parts fitted to it.
Tim (Plasticpanzers)
Your next dose of "useless information" maybe? The driver sits front left (normal position for American vehicles) and has a flat weighted hatch cover. The hatch is counter weighted by a spring and there is an open lock latch. Fail to engage the latch and the driver is going to have a headache the first time he stops fast....and it really HURTS! His seat is on an elevation support that can drop the seat bottom to the lowest position with the pull of a handle under the seat. This allows the driver to "dive" down into the compartment if the vehicle comes under fire immediately and get his head below the hatch opening (works like alot of office chairs!). If the up-lock was worn or not fully engaged, you would be tooling along and the driver's head would instantly disappear when the lock let go. This was usually followed by alot of cursing over the intercom between the driver and vehicle see, the vision ports for the driver were small and hard to see out of. Imagine a 12-ton vehicle cruising along at 35 mph and all of a sudden the driver is disoriented! Another funny thing...the tracks on both sides may not have the same number of links in them. There could be two link differences...and this made the vehicle turn slowly in the direction of the short track without any input. The driver steered by two "lat-bars" or sticks between his legs. They controlled the brakes at the final drive. Pull one bar and the brake was applied to that side...the more you pull, the more brake. To stop straight ahead, pull both bars back evenly. A button on top of the lat-bar locked the bar to the rear (parking brake). Since the brakes were on the drive bogie (toothed wheel at the extreme front) and this bogie did not touch the ground, loosing a track was FUN!!! If the driver paniced, they would pull back on the lat-bars applying the brakes....but one side has no track and is NOT in road contact. The side with the track would brake but the other side would free-wheel on the idler bogies. The result is an instant 90 degree turn in the direction of the good track. If you were doing any speed, this means the vehicle would roll over on her side...or worse onto the roof. Seen it happen once...not a pretty sight.
Ive seen one do what you were talking about. When I was over in the first Gulf War. It was driving along and suddenly it turned to the right very sharply. Plus theres a video of the aftermath of one doing that on YouTube. I drove one in AIT , and rode in one a few times but that was it for me. My unit drove 5 ton dump trucks around, lol.
How much for a kit to build one and who is the guy that sellinf it. I have been trying to get information to build myself one
I wish I could get one of these....or knew how to make one myself, I wanted to try about 2 years ago but never got around to it :sadshake , but then again that probably wouldnt have ended well
The basic M113 kits are done and ready to ship. Just email me for ordering info. Cory
at TC&C has the one i took to Texas (thank goodness, i did not want to fly back to Calif holding it in my lap on the airplane! lol!). Auggie at Battlegear toys has our M113
track link sets and drive sprocket in the production line in China being done after the
Sherman and Semovente running gear parts.
Tim (plasticpanzers)

Would you consider offering a "running gear kit" which would include not only Auggie's track links and drive sprockets, but also the road wheels and return wheels? While I will likely not go for the complete M113 you're offering, I would definitely go for such a running gear kit. I would love to hear your thoughts, and those of others on the board, on the feasibility/desirability of such an offering.
no problem! i can offer loose wheel sets now but i cannot give you a timeframe on when the new links and sprockets would get done. let me check with Rich later on (who is the owner of the M113 project) and find out what just the wheels run without
a sprockets, just the 10 roadwheels and 2 idlers.
Tim (plasticpanzers)
Getting the drive set separate would be cool as they can be used to make an M114 (the M113's little brother).

I still need to order an M113. Unfortunately the funds I had set aside are under the hood of my truck in the form of a head gasket :(

Great news, Tim. Like John, I can think of lot's of other vehicles (real or scifi) that can be made. The hold-up has always been the running gear. Please keep us advised. Thanks.
Have you completed these sets yet and have them ready to be shipped out??
kits are ready to ship. wheel sets are available seperatly if you want em. email me for
info. no timeline on upgrade track sets and sprockets tho. they will be done after the
Semovente tracks. Sherman links are being made now with Italian ones next.
Tim (plasticpanzers)
I'll wait on buying this until the tracks are ready for them.
we now need a 1/6 emergency squad 51. and a b52D stratofortress. and maybe a gi joe mobat tank.
I think it looks really good. I look forward to seeing more of this one in the future.

- Ian
love the army and emergency, and want to make a Roy Desoto or john Gage 1/6, and i probably will too, p.s.

capt.Stanley: LA, engine 51.

Dispatcher:engine 51,

Capt.Stanley: LA we've got a fire at this Rockridge canyon accident request a full brush assignment.

Dispatcher: engine 51...:agree:applause

also i think that it is awesome, we just need a law enforcement version. for some riot control unit.
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We sold out of the first 24 kits. We are planning to re-release
this sometime early next year (I hope). Rich is having the molded
periscopes, lights, and some other items removed from the molds
and these and the hatches will be replaced with reaaaally nice
resin cast parts (see out site). Unfortunatly we do not have the
funds to do the new running gear at all but i understant at least
one customizer still plans on doing and offering upgraded tracks
and sprockets.
Tim (plasticpanzers)
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