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M113 Armored Personel Carrier

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Finally finished Rich's test M113 kit.

Tim (plasticpanzers)
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that's a great vehicle, does the kit come with seats and the other internal gadgets?
Man....I can only drool. That is just AWESOME. If you ever decide to take Paypal or Charge cards, I'll be the first to get one.
Awesome!! Those tankers must of traveled to the future :p
Check the dealers section for ordering. I don't want to break the rules on posting. The kit is basic and does not include an interior but should be easily RCable when the new tracks and drive sprocket are done by Battlegear Toys for us. I am building another to bring to the Texas show with a Puma.
Tim (plasticpanzers)
Hate to be a naysayer, but something just seems odd about this one. Can't place it, but it doesn't strike me as being correct.
probably the tracks and drive sprocket. should be up a bit higher with the correct links that will be available later this Spring. To be honest its a very basic kit. Good
background piece and like others of our stuff can be upgraded with homemade parts.
One of the reasons i post pics of the test vehicle done stock basic is so that they can be seen as is so there is no confusion or disapointement.
Tim (plasticpanzers)
It's definitely an M113.

Brave Rifles said:
.......Can't place it, but it doesn't strike me as being correct.
Part of it might be that there's details to be added - Fittings, lights and guards, the door on the ramp, etc. Eyeball-guessing from the figure standing beside it, it looks a bit under-scale. In onesix, an M113 A1 would have these dimensions, I think:

Height...16.41 inches

Width....17.62 inches

Length...31.91 inches
Just measured it. Length is 30 1/2, Width is 17 1/4, Height is 11 1/2 and this is most
likely how i insalled the wheels and the flat track strips we use from Desimone. Close
Tim (plasticpanzers)
ooowwww... I can't wait to see it WoH this year.
In 1/6, the dimensions would be;

Height 14.416

Length 31.916

Width 17.625

Clearance 2.666

I saw the test pull of these at the OSF show and it looked pretty cool to me. I have no practical experience in 1/1 with these.

Maybe if the pics were taken at a more natural angle to how a 1/1 is viewed, things might look better.

*edit* Oops, I guess after seeing Tim's last post above, the dimensions are just about right......the height discrepancy may be due to clearance allowance and not the dimensions of the box itself. With the upgrade links and running gear, I'm guessing everything will line up much closer as far as scale.
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Actually height is 13 inches when i added the commanders coupla.
Tim (plasticpanzers)
Hiya Plasticpanzers and everyone else!

It does look a little undersize but I think that is more to do with the lack of all the "doo-hickory" all over a real 113 than the slight size differences noted. Basic interior would require nothing more than the two bulkheads up front, seats, fuel tanks, stowage, etc., should be easy enough. Definately a great base start to some "enterprising" builders for a whole slew of vehicles: M113 ACAV, M132 "Zippo", M577, early TOW carriers, mortar carriers, M901 ITV, Israeli Zelda. Can't wait to see the "definative" running gear and look forward to seeing it a WoH!

Proud son of Rose and Wes
Looks nice! I can't see where the slight underscale would matter especially to all those proud and lucky 21st Bradley owners
my eyes are bleeding! Freakin awesome. Too bad I spent my load (or at least will be)on the coolest humvee ever. Perhaps a lotto win is in my future.
My NAM Grunts will welcome this ride definintely. But I have to agree with Tim that this is really a very very basic model. Only the essential details were there. If it has to be transform into a truly 1:6 rendition of this great vehicle, lots and lots and lots of work gotta be put in for the detailing. I'm not so sure I have the time and the energy to pull that through.
Perhaps a picture of the underside of the door ramp (outside when closed) will be appreciated. Or is it just another plain surface?
That said, I am still curious on how much could this baby cost?
There is a mold line that shows the rear hatch on the ramp as well as some detail items
on the ramp. Will do some more pics and post em later. Lowest price of all of the
vehicles we do ($330 plus shipping...mods please don't hurt me for price quoting! LOL!)
Tim (plasticpanzers)
Looks good, I like and I can't wait to get mine.............
Here is a pic of the rear ramp raised. You can see the outline of the hatch but the flash on the camera makes it hard to see. All our kits are basic vehicles. This is to keep the prices low. Owners can build them up anyway
they wish.
Tim (plasticpanzers)
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