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...should be called "not happening" This was and is one dumb movie.

Spoilers follow:

Trees and grass get tired of humanity, create toxin and kill us.
the end
THIS is his first "R" rated film!?! Let's here it for sardonic irony :razz

If I could get away with typing profanities I'd have quite a few choice words for Mr. Shamalamadingdong.

I'm not going to wait for the DVD, I'm going to wait for it to show up in the free movie section on On Demand... and then NOT watch it.

Hardcase01 - Thanks man. Next time let someone else take the bullet.

This is the second time I heard the end to a Sham movie on imdb before its release. Man can't keep a secret either.

Signs was a pretty good movie, that was ruined by an idiotic plot twist.

Its one of those movies I try to like, but can't.

Signs Spoilers:

Why the hell couldn't he just kill the thing with the bat ? Why did he have to add such a ridiculous flaw ?

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I kinda liked the village too.It had an interesting premise.
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